Maisah Howard

24501 Town Center Dr. #104
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone 661.705.3500 3210
Cell:(661) 433-5118

Dear Maisah,

What a joy it was to meet such a professional, courteous, friendly and dedicated realtor. You made our transition into a rental home not only easy, but also possible. When others were difficult and unaccommodating, you took over and made things happen.
We are so grateful! When we are ready to buy another home, you will be the FIRST person we call!

Thank you,
Armando and Jane



Louis and I are very appreciative of the time, patience, and persistence you devoted to our recent home search. Together we looked at over 50 properties in the LA area. You made certain that we were able to see the properties and provided important advice about things to "watch out for". As new buyers in the LA market, we really appreciated your native Angeleno, insider's perspective. After we selected our home, you worked very hard to facilitate and support our negotiation with the seller. Finally, you regularly followed up with all service personnel who were scheduled to make repairs to the home as a part of the final agreement. We thank you so much and are so pleased to have worked with you!

Kim and Louis


I recently rented a house in Valencia and Maisah Howard was the leasing agent. I was worried since I haven't rented a house for the past 20 years and I have to say it went pretty smoothly. The house although pretty clean, needed some repairs and Maisah saw to it that everything would be fixed and presentable before we moved in. Even after a few months, I called her regarding an issue and she promptly took care of the matter with my landlord.

Overall I had a great experience and if I have to move again I'll contact Maisah again.

Fariba S.


Maisah Howard was thorough, meticulous, and conscientious in working to get our home sold. We always felt taken care of and that she had our best interest at heart. She was patient and explained the process to us at every step of the way. We had complete trust and confidence in her abilities and are so thankful that we entrusted her with the sale of our home.


Bernard and Deirdre







I want to truly thank you for helping me to purchase my first home. Your professionalism was right on. Every turn we made you were there to lead me and I appreciate you for this. I was so scared of what the process would be because I had heard so many negative things about escrow, but you made this the best escrow a person could go through.

I thank you for being patience with me, answering all of my questions even when you knew that I was not going to get the answer I wanted. For all the crazy request I made, you dealt with each one with such care. Again I say thank you. For every time I fell off the house buying wagon, you were there to pick me up and put me back on the wagon.

Any person would be nothing but blessed to have you as a realtor. You care about your clients and cater to their every need even when they don't know that they need it. I had a really good time buying this house with you.

Thanks a bunch and get ready for my next house.

Kimberly W


We never thought we would have a positive experience with a realtor until we met Maisah Howard. A mutual friend who had worked with several realtors in the past referred Maisah to us. Our friend could not say enough good things about Maisah and she convinced us that we would not regret working with her. When we were ready to buy, we called Maisah to give her some information and to set a date to begin looking at properties. We also called a few other realtors for comparison. Maisah took our information down and immediately got to work finding listings that suited our needs. She sent these electronically and sent us updates as soon as new properties were listed. The other realtors were sluggish getting back to us, if they bothered at all.

When we first met to look at properties, Maisah came prepared with detailed information about the listings and a plan to see all of the properties. Her friendly and professional demeanor put us instantly at ease. Not only is Maisah a thorough and competent professional, but she’s great fun to shop with as well!

We looked at countless properties that day that took us all over Los Angeles County. We felt bad about dragging poor Maisah all over town for so many hours, but her continuous enthusiasm kept us going. We decided to make an offer on a property we saw so Maisah contacted their realtor, went home and immediately faxed the offer. The offer was accepted, but we ended up pulling out after several unforeseen problems appeared during the inspection.

Maisah continued to work diligently for us. After our first day together, she accurately assessed our wants and needs and offered some neighborhoods we had not previously considered. She was always available to us to answer questions, offer advice and even to console us when we became frustrated with the aggressive Los Angeles market. She was not willing to slow down until we were happily in our dream home.

After approximately one month, we did find our dream home. We had begun looking at 2 bedroom condos and finally settled into a 3 bedroom, 2400 sq. ft. house that we’re converting into a 5 bedroom. We never dreamed we could own a home like this in this market. There is no doubt that we would not have found this home without Maisah. We do not plan to move for a very long time but, if and when we do, we hope Maisah is still in real estate so we can have the pleasure of working with her again.

Pedro and Lynn



Thank you so much for your outstanding service and professionalism during the recent purchase of my home. I have worked with many agents in the past, both as a seller and as a buyer and I must say, the service I received from you was TOP NOTCH, exemplary service which I have not experienced with any other real estate agent. I appreciated the time that you spent working with me during the "looking phase" and during the actual escrow phase. Your follow through is to be commended and is one of the great qualities that makes you stand out among the rest. Often times once the purchase contract is signed you never hear from your agent again, but you stayed involved from the beginning to the end ensuring that I was kept informed of all issues, both positive and negative, and ensuring that all parties involved (lender, escrow. sellers) were working on my behalf and had my best interest in mind. You are truly one of a kind and for that I commend you and would recommend you to anyone interested in purchases or selling a home.

Warmest Regards,

Monique B


Dear Maisah,

I felt obliged to put into words, how thankful I am, that you answered our home buying call!

Coming from England, we faced more obstacles than the next couple, eagerly trying to break into the house purchasing market. We really didn't comprehend the problems we would have to face, with regards to references, down payments and finding the perfect property in the perfect place, to allow us to commute to and fro from work.

You were there, holding our hands, every step of the way. You went far beyond the duties of "A Realtor" and have become a family friend, whom we will be forever grateful to. Even now, when our escrow has closed, you are there, at the end of the line, helping us with an unforeseen problem, that
really, we shouldn't be bothering you about. But no, you are still holding our hands and guiding us through unknown territory.

I have spread the word about the service you have provided both my husband and I, even though, because of regular phone calls between us, my colleagues all know you as "My REALTOR".....and have already said they would choose you over the realtors they've ever dealt with just because they learnt, first hand, how hard you worked to find us the happiness we now pay a mortgage on.

We would like to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything
Maisah.....and know, whenever you want to pop out to Lake Elizabeth for a spot of hot tea, or a glass of chilled water, just call...our door will always be open for you.

Thank you

Aileen & Paul S.

We decided to purchase a home in a new development. We were not quite sure how to go about the process. During a work function a colleague of mine and I were talking about this and he stated that his wife was a realtor and gave me her card.

I called Maisah later that evening and she was extremely pleasant and professional and since that moment Maisah started to work for us. She was very attentive and listened carefully to the criteria we had. She gave us detailed reports on a consistent basis and never once did she ever let us handle anything alone. We finally settled on a home in a new development that we fell in love with. Maisah stayed with us through the entire process. She made sure she was involved in every step making sure we understood what was going on. She constantly asked questions and answered our concerns immediately. When we were picked for our home we were very happy. We could not have done this without the help of Maisah and her persistence, dedication and commitment. I am happy to say today that she is not only our real estate agent, but also our friend.

Ada and Kim


Maisah Howard was very helpful in our first time purchasing a home as far as financing and keeping up within our budget and even saving us money.

Kenji and LaTrease S.


The service was outstanding. Whenever we called Maisah she was responsive to our needs and stayed on top of the escrow process every step of the way.

Stephanie and Richard C.


Maisah was very professional she returned all of my calls. She documented everything, and kept me abreast of the escrow the entire time.



Maisah's service was outstanding. She was professional, diligent, and hardworking. She saw me through the entire process.

Tariq H.


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